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Manufacturer of disposable containers made of polypropylene in Isfahan, which has been operating since 1988 under the name of disposable containers Sepahan and Zayandehrud.
The products of this company are all kinds of disposable round and rectangular packaging sheets and containers made of polypropylene (p.p) spoons, forks and knives, Nescafe spoons and test forks (dates) made of (p.p) and (p.s)

Production units of Soroush Plastic Company

Sheet production unit

Production of sheets from PET, P.S, P.P and ABS polymers from 0.2 to 3 mm thickness and up to 1 meter width

Packaging container production unit

Production of packaging containers, production of yogurt buckets and dishes, production of glasses and production of dishes with the company's own design.

quality control unit

With continuous quality control of products and regular tests


Glass Category Containers BowlDisbucket
ظروف دسته بندی

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